The New StoColor System 2022

Over 1000 shades - endless possibilities


The new metric StoColor System goes beyond the limits of classic colour systems and delivers a whole host of composition options for architectural and interior design. The basis is a very finely graded colour wheel with 72 colour ranges, 24 natural white nuances, 6 black tones, a series of 48 graduations of greys, and 65 historic colour shades, developed to help you find the perfect colour solution.


The StoColor System is incorporated throughout all Sto paints and render finishes and promises long-term security - thanks to the guaranteed feasibility of Sto products, the focus on sustainability, durability and the highest quality standards.

StoColor System 2022


AC - Architectural Colours

The architectural colour range by StoDesign with 300 colour shades for modern architectural colour design is the ideal supplement to the tried and tested StoColor System with its 1000 colour shades.

The colour choice for the AC collection focuses on durability and material-related colour schemes in the tradition of the mineral colour charts by Sto.

AC - Architectural Colours


Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of light reflected from a finished surface, measured on a scale for coatings being white approx. 92% and black being approx. 4%.

Exterior Light Reflectance Values (LRV) are used to assess the amount of heat absorbed when the building exterior is exposed to direct sunlight. Dark colours absorb significantly more heat than lighter colours, resulting in more thermal stress on the substrate. In evaluating the effect of the colours LRV, the sunlight exposure, substrate and building elements need to be taken into consideration with your colour consultant.

The Light Reflectance Value is stated for each colour in the StoColor charts. The minimum Light Reflectance Value for each Sto Render Facade System can be found below.

Sto Light Reflectance Values (LRV)


StoColor Instructions: Please use the right-hand scrolling bar to change the colour spectrum and click on a colour. The range of colour shades based on this selected colour will then display to the left.

Click an individual RAL colour to display a larger image.

Luminosity: LRV Percentage (Light Reflectance Value), the value for the quantity of light reflected from the surface.
100% = white, 0% = black.

Class: The colour surcharge code.

Please note: Due to the nature of screen colours and monitor calibration, the colours that are displayed here may appear different to the real thing, and are provided for reference/illustration only.

For a true representation of a StoColor, please Contact us for a sample StoColor card of the required colour(s).
Last updated April 2023