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Individual customer consultation and project support is the basis of a good business relationship at Sto. Whether on the telephone, in the show room or on the construction site – we will be pleased to provide you with advice, assistance and creative ideas.


Service at Sto goes far beyond the development and sale of high-quality products. Ultimately, any product is only as good as its application. This is why we place great emphasis on detailing, specifications, service and consultation. The Sto staff are there for their customers, providing comprehensive information, teamed with an experienced network of Sto registered LBP accredited Contractors who provide the best practical force on the construction site.


Furthermore - Sto have a comprehensive library of Sto details to assist your designer and comprehensive specifications to ensure the scope of work is identified. Where specific details are required the Sto technical team will work with the designer to help develop solutions that are based on the building code.





sto warranty

with StoService Assurance


Property in New Zealand is exposed to some of the world’s harshest conditions, a warranty and maintenance program guarantees the integrity of the exterior facade remains functional and attractive for the life of the building.


All Sto projects are completed by a Sto Registered Contractor (Licensed Building Practitioner), complete Sto Quality Assurance Record and Sto Warranty Request to ensure the work meets the Sto Specification. On completion of the project we will precede to action the property with your chosen StoWarranty accompanied with StoService Assurance.


The StoArmat 20 Year Warranty, Sto Standard 15 Year Warranty or Sto Coating Warranty with StoService Assurance, ensures all specified Sto rendered or coating systems are registered with an extensive material and workmanship warranty, a maintenance guide, and an optional 2 ½ year notification system to remind the owner the property is due to be serviced, protecting you and your property investment.


Building on the Sto partnership, this system ensures that the specifier, client and property owner are assured long term that the integrity of the exterior facade remains functional and in good condition.


StoArmat Warranty with StoService Assurance

StoService Assurance Maintenance Guide and Schedule



BRANZ Apprasial

BRANZ Appraised

Sto systems have each been tested and BRANZ Appraised

With an ever increasing number of world wide building products, materials and systems being sold to the construction industry it has become increasingly important to obtain certification to ensure exterior elements meet the structural, weathertight and durability requirements as stipulated by the government standards and building codes.


BRANZ an independent and impartial testing authority has worked with Sto over the last seven years to ensure the current twelve Sto Construction Systems are covered by one of nine Sto BRANZ Appraisals certifying these systems meet the requirements for local government compliance.



BRANZ Appraisals

No. 772 - StoArmour Facade Panel System:
Steel reinforced light weight concrete panel (AAC) with render / plaster system.
No. 515 - StoArmat Miral Render / Plaster System:
Reinforcement render / plaster system for concrete block, pre cast, poly block, and solid masonry construction.
No. 488 - StoArmat Render / Plaster System:
Reinforcement render / plaster system for EasyLap fibre cement sheet construction.
No. 478 - StoTherm Insulation System:
Exterior insulation systems for cavity construction.
No 604 - StoTherm Masonry Insulation System:
Exterior insulation systems for concrete block and solid masonry construction.
No. 468 - StoLite Stucco System:
Lightweight stucco directly on 6.0mm fibre cement sheet construction.
No. 605 - StoStucco Render / Plaster System:
Traditional 20mm plaster system embedded in stainless steel lath.
No. 739 - StoPoren Brick Veneer System:
75mm thick veneer brick (AAC) system on 40/ 75mm cavity with render / plaster system.



From the bark of a dog to the electronic flash of an e-mail.

The interpretation and implementation of messages provides contact with others in our world. Today with a prolific amount of documentation, time restraints and penalties, professionals, clients and contractors rely on the ability of a company to provide service to successfully complete projects on time.


Every Bucket of Sto involves a complex chain of communication and management procedures involving data processing and mechanized manipulation undertaken through a managed ecological process to deliver Sto product world wide under the company's policy of "Building with Conscience".






Last updated October 2023