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Sto is a leading supplier of exterior facade insulation systems and manufacturer of high-quality exterior and interior render facade systems and coatings worldwide. As the authorised partner of Sto for Australasia, we are committed to the Sto philosophy. "Building with conscience". Having developed a full range of render facade systems, and that have been tested and certified by BRANZ for New Zealand construction industries, Sto is recognised as an industry leader in exterior and interior render facade, cladding, repairs, and restoration markets.


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Exterior: StoArmat Render, Ball Drop Test



StoArmat Render is extremely durable, highly flexible with a crack resistance of six times higher than that of cement based products and with market-leading impact resistance of up to 50 joules. In this video, we show how StoArmat Render holds up against a competitor's exterior facade render system.



Exterior Plaster Bend Test


A bend test demonstrating the extraordinary elasticity and resultant high crack resistance of exterior Sto renders.

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StoSilent Acoustic Systems



Interior Acoustic Comparison: Turner Gallery


StoSilent Acoustic Systems

StoCalce Functio
Interior Render System


StoCalce Interiors


State-of-the-art humidity management
Introducing to the market – StoCalce Functio, an interior plaster system, that is nothing but natural, offers a variety of unique surface finishes and regulates the ambient interior climate perfectly.


StoCalce Functio Interior Render System





Our Systems

Sto Exterior and Interior Plaster Systems

Sto is the international benchmark in the field of exterior & interior render systems, cladding & construction solutions.

Certified for New Zealand requirements, the complete range of Sto products have been tested and trailed with BRANZ to meet the building codes and coupled with a comprehensive library of Sto details for download and comprehensive specifications to ensure the scope of work is meet.





Facade Systems

StoArmour Facade Panel System

Solid construction with lightweight concrete

StoPoren Brick Veneer Construction

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Brick Veneer System

StoStucco Render System

Stainless Steel Lath over Cavity Construction

StoVentec R

Ventilated Rainscreen Facade System




Insulation Systems

StoTherm Masonry Insulation

Insulation Systems for Solid Masonry Construction

StoTherm Insulation for Timber or Steel Frame

Insulation Systems for Cavity Construction




Render Only Systems





Exterior Render Repair Systems

Render Repairs for Cracked and Leaky Substrates








Surface Finishes

StoVeneer Wood

A mineral veneer board for a timber or board form concrete look

StoCalce Functio Interior Plasters

State-of-the-art humidity management




Acoustics Solutions

StoSilent Systems

Acoustic Systems for Interior Applications




Colour Range

StoColor Systems

Colours for use in architecture by StoDesign